Villa Fabula


In Villa Fábula every action has its consequences. Kids who don’t tidy their room will be visited by the untidiness demons, or those who don’t respect nature will be judged by forests’ spirits.

A gang formed by a group of friends will discover that sometimes, magical creatures make their appearance after an improper behavior. These adventures will lead them to discover that the government has an ultrasecret plan to use those creatures in a project that escapes the kids’ comprehension.


  • Created by Víctor Marín
  • In Process
  • TV Series: 20 chapters, aprox 10 min length
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Style: 2D Animation
  • Script: Edgar de Benito, José Eduardo Gimeno & Víctor Marín

Weird Market Awarded Project


Concept art

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At the moment Villa Fábula is in coproduction search phase in order to raise the necessary finance.