Invictus Designs Productions is a young creative company through which we develop new projects like TV series, feature films and novels.

In Invictus Designs Productions we promote a new way of making cinema, with inclusive and innovative ideas with “a special note”. We’re specialized in fantasy, thriller and horror.

We coproduce along with other national and international companies in order to provide the best service and a quality content. Our purpose is to turn Spain into a reference in fantastic audiovisual industry.

Meet the team

Víctor Marín


He’s a sculptor, concept artist, writer and director with over 20 years experience. He undertook multiple works for international scope clients like Warner, Telefónica Foundation, La Galería Roja, Pixologic ZBrush, La Noria Films (Carlos Baena), Barcelona Cinema School…

Several credits honored him in recent years, such as the nomination to the prestigious Pixologic ZBrush Annual award (2015), the Costa del Sol International Fantastic Film Festival’s Best Illustrator award (2016), and the Best Artist of the Year, awarded by the City of Marbella (2017). In 2019 he made the digital sculpting of the Municipal Falla of Valencia City Council.

He’s held many solo exhibitions in the Basque Country (Kursaal, ComikD), Marbella (Culture Department) and Madrid, inter alia, and collaborated providing many pieces for international events like some exhibitions in Los Angeles paying homage to Guillermo del Toro, Mattel Official Exhibition, Frankenstein 200th anniversary, etc.

At the moment he’s directing, writing and producing his own cinematographic projects.

Edgar de Benito

Creative producer

In 2016 he began working in the production company NuboFilms (Alicante), in which he acted as an assistant in many departments until he became the art and, occasionally, costumes director. After a year of work in the company he moved to Valencia, where he studied direction, to finally specialize in script drafting in Atresmedia with the screenwriter Paco López, among others. Through the experience obtained in the diverse departments and his management skills, he’s been project assessor and continuity supervisor in infinity of projects since 2018. Among his works, there can be outlined his job as creator of Ozelot or as co-writer of G. At the moment he’s developing mainly fantasy genre projects.

José Eduardo Gimeno


In 2016 he provided stories and poems in an exhibition about arts and crafts of the pre-Roman tribe of the vaccaei at the Palencia Library. He’s been published several novels, such as The Crops Godess, Fatuous Obscurities, The Tightrope Bycicle Rider and the Pines’ Empathy, The Word Table, The Drifting Hawk’s Eternal Flight, In the Feeling Cove, all of them within the thriller and mystery genre. Together with Víctor Marín, he co-wrote two novels, Deathlove and Hockomock, and he’s now developing the projects G and Ozelot, alongside with Víctor Marín, Edgar de Benito and Nacho Llàcer.

Álvaro Recuero

Community manager

In 2017 he started working as a community manager for diverse companies. In 2018 he got his graduate in audiovisual communication and started working for MonoGrafica Agency as a community manager, video editor and motion graphics design. After that he moved to Valencia, where he continued his studies while working as a marketing manager and audiovisual content creator.

Among the brands with which he’s worked there can be highlighted HolaFly, Government of Extremadura, Seat, Sköda and Game Of Thrones (NOW TV England).

Gabriel Varela


He started his early path in the audiovisual world in 2017, organizing his first urban culture festival in O Porriño, Pontevedra. In 2018 he graduated as an Audiovisual Production and Event Organization Superior Technician at the Vigo Image & Sound School right after carrying his first production practices out in the Galician production company CTV (Land Rover, Bamboleo, O Sabor das Margaridas). 

While taking his professional training, Gabriel created, directed and organized the Urban Culture Festival Demostra, located on the municipe of Mos (Pontevedra), falling back in its 3 editions on the Regional Executive (Xunta) of Galicia.

Nacho Llàcer

Text Correction & Translation

Native to Valencia, since he was little he’s been sent abroad with relatives from England and US. He’s always been an avid reader and, being son of an English philology professor, has found easy to orthographically, grammatically and syntactically correct any formal text, card or document, script or subtitles.

Specialized in scenic artists by the SAPC and recently moved to Madrid with Edgar de Benito, where he’s completing his acting studies at the school Work in Progress. He’s also acted as an audiovisual, dubbing and theater actor, dubbing coordinator, acting coach, casting and costumes director and production advisor in many short and feature films, series and theatre spectacles, storytelling, etc. His most recent job to highlight is the feature The Desired, in which he performed many of the above.

At the moment he’s distributing that film while preparing many roles for publicity and fiction projects like Ozelot, and working in Invictus Designs Productions for what’s necessary in these matters.

Joaquin Mendez

Associate producer

He started studying at the Vigo Image and Sound School in 2016 and graduated as Audiovisual Projects and Spectacles Production and Realisation Technician. In 2018 he starts working as a screenwritter on demand and advisor in many projects, among which the most remarkable one is the feature “Eternia”, by Freud Land’s Films. Since 2017 he assesses films and shows in YouTube under the artistic name “Jordi Maquiavello”, being at the moment one of the most renowned referents in cinematographic divulgation in Spain, and has been awarded with the Silver Plate of “YouTube Creators”, for registering the 100.000 subscribers.