Andrea Lorenzo has a processing and tax advisory agency in a small American town, nothing unusual. Until one of her customers accidentally involves and engages her in a Russian mafia money laundering scheme, to which FBI decides to put her in a witness protection programme.

Ron Hockoy, the agent in charge of the case, decides along with his boss to take Andrea’s family to a secluded place, the “Lord’s Hotel”, located at the Hockomock swamp borders, in Massachusetts.

Hockomock, one of the most mysterious places in the United States, “where spirits dwell” in Wampanoag tongue. There, under dark energies and real ritual slaughter reminiscences, obscure entities will wake… But that’s just the beginning. The swamp stored all North American native tribes’ evil and negativity for many centuries


  • Novel
  • Release: 2022
  • Genre: Fantasy, terror
  • Country: Spain
  • Write by José Eduardo Gimeno y Victor Marín
  • Cover: Víctor Marín & David Arenas